Private investigator in Capital District, Saratoga and Warren County

Christiansen Investigations is based in Albany, New York, and serves the upstate region, providing services as a professional private investigator for clients in a variety of matters.

Keith J Christiansen - Private Investigator in Albany, NY    

About Us
In business more than 40 years, we stand out among the crowd as a long-standing, professional, successful private investigator firm.

Our team of investigators has been working with clients in matters of civil litigation, family law, and criminal defense since 1973, helping to secure the information necessary to provide a positive outcome.

Licensed by the New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services, Christiansen Investigations is fully licensed to provide a variety of professional investigative services, process services, and surveillance for most legal reasons. Fully insured and bonded, we do all that we can to protect the interest of our clients.

Partners: Associated with The C.P.L.R. Agency - For Service of Process and Research
We have a variety of partners and associates that we work with to ensure we get the information that you need to secure your case. Some of them include:

Samuel Christiansen
Owner of C.P.L.R. Agency
Licensed Private Investigator
Phone: (518) 817-2520

Richard J Lenihan
Retired NYPD,
Licensed Private Investigator

William B Sullivan
Forensic Consulting and Licensed Private Investigator
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Named "Investigator of the Year" in 2000 by the Association of Licensed Detectives of New York State

Member of
National Association of Legal Investigators | National Association of Professional Process Servers
Licensed Private Detective Association of Massachusetts